why feldenkrais?


Because you want to enjoy life more!


reduce chronic pain

Pain and discomfort impact your activities and well being but they are good motivators for change! With the Feldenkrais Method, the habits of movement that are causing or exacerbating your pain are identified.

Then new patterns that are free of the association with pain are established. You will experience more comfort in your body and greater ease and range of movement.

Janet has worked through her own pain and injuries as well as with clients. Her experiences have instilled in her a deep belief in our human capacity for healing and change.

enhance resilience

Resilience is a measure of our ability to manage what the world challenges us with. This encompasses injury prevention, chronic tension in our musculature and emotional stress. It is essential for health in our rapidly changing world. Especially as we age!

Janet has many years of experience and training in recognizing your particular limiting patterns and working with you to create true choice, freedom and flexibility.

improve performance

With the Feldenkrais Method you can learn to find the clear support through your skeleton that frees the muscles to do their job of moving the bones. This precise line of support from the ground up and through you makes powerful movements more effective and sustainable. But it also creates the support for you to make delicate, precise movements more graceful and with less strain. A skeleton that is aligned and functional creates a sense of lightness not just in your body but your whole self.

Janet has studied extensively with one of the world’s leading teachers in this field of functional support. She is highly competent in applying this complex material to individual situations and making it understandable and repeatable.

increase personal fulfillment

To know our heart’s desire and to live it more fully is a cornerstone of the Feldenkrais Method and Janet’s personal mission. Moshe Feldenkrais referred to this as our unavowed dreams and he designed this method to create change in the whole self.

Drawing on decades of her own personal work and a refined intuition, Janet gently draws your attention to parts of yourself that are less known to you, bringing them online so that you can have a more vibrant, fulfilling life.


for fun!

The process to improve your life does not have to be a struggle! We learn more easily and better when we are enjoying ourselves.

In working with Janet you will find that being fully engaged with yourself to grow and change can be incredible stimulating and downright fun! Don’t be surprised to find yourself laughing at the joy of it all!