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Awareness Through Movement class at Uplift Feldenkrais Studio in Vancouver, BC

This is a class that improves your performance and satisfaction from all your other classes and activities.You learn the skills you need to be able to accurately and precisely assess your habits of movement and get a direct experience of the benefits of making new choices. [read more] This will be an intro paragraph that links to a separate page with full description and photos.

Janet Willson performing functional Integration hands-on session at Uplift Studio in Vancouver, BC

These are private sessions specifically geared to the individual. They are not a formulaic procedure but are based on a coming together of Janet being present in the moment, having a facility with the  fundamentals of the Feldenkrais Method and an ability to asses and respond to the your needs. [read more] Intro text linking to page.

This beautiful city oasis is available to select renters that are compatible with the healing space and quiet setting.

Move from the interior heated floors through a continuous glass wall onto a private patio with level access from the alley.

Hello! Welcome!

Janet Willson, feldenkrais practitioner in Vancouver BCIf you are searching for help in moving with more ease, freedom from pain, enhancing your performance or finding a greater sense of wellbeing then you are in the right place. Read further! If this is not a fit for you know there are many helpful modalities out there. It is never hopeless. But whatever level of participation you have with me I wish you health and happiness in your journey!

I would also like to thank all past and current students and clients that engage in this process with me. I don’t like to refer to this as my work because it is truly my joy! It is certainly rewarding to be of service but I am also thrilled at all my clients offer ME – their interests, observations, difficulties and successes! I feel tremendous gratitude for their willingness to open to this often intimate process. They inspire me tp continue to dig deep to improve my understanding, knowledge and skills well as to continue to evolve myself.

All the best!

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