meet janet

And it is now my mission to assist others in whatever way I can to have lives that are more rewarding and joyful!

Or how I went from an injured chemical engineer to a thriving Feldenkrais practitioner!?

I often think to myself, “if this practice worked for me — and I was a worst case scenario — then it has to work for others!” Today, despite having been that ‘worst case scenario’ I am happy, healthy and thriving in my life. It is now my mission to assist others in whatever way I can to have lives that are more rewarding and joyful!

It is the typical story in that I was drawn to practice that which I needed to learn myself. I arrived at the beginning of my Feldenkrais training fresh off the second of two highly invasive knee surgeries. Yet looking back at it now, I had no idea that my knees were only a minor part of my difficulties. I had many unknown limitations due to a surgery I had as a baby, scoliosis of my spine, several ankle sprains, wrists that popped out of joint, and on and on. All of this led to me not knowing how to fully support myself — I didn’t yet have the tools to be truly happy.

The turning point for me was taking an Awareness Through Movement class. The movements were so simple and gentle, yet they kept highlighting these unknown limitations I’d been carrying with me. I’d always thought of myself as athletic and flexible, so what was going on? However, I had the sense that if I stuck with the classes I would learn what I needed to, and my passion was born! I quit my Master’s degree to pursue the training, which then led to me to advanced trainings, mentoring, and continual practicing. This process of growing my practice happily continues to this day.


  • Graduated from the University of Toronto in 1983 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering.
  • Four year Feldenkrais training program, graduating in 1991.
  • Many advanced trainings in the Feldenkrais Method including five years of intensive mentoring with trainer Jeff Haller as he developed his graduate program of Ideal Organization and Profound Strength.
  • Continued broadening of Feldenkrais practice through collaboration with other therapists in varying disciplines: Self Regulation (trauma) therapy, Five element acupuncture, psychotherapy, and ongoing apprenticeship in spiritual/energy healing.


Outside the Box!

I have found that some of my greatest learning has come from the experiences in my daily life. I continue to learn and grow alongside my husband, two daughters, and extended but closely-knit family. I have enjoyed many activities such as ultimate frisbee, swimming, skiing, cycling, gardening, cooking, and music!