Functional Integration –
hands-on sessions

These private sessions are specifically tailored to your needs. The uniqueness of each session is based on the practitioner being present in the moment; having a facility with the fundamentals and techniques of the Feldenkrais Method; and an ability to assess and respond to your needs as they arise.
The structure of a session begins with a check-in to establish the particular issues to be addressed and to create some reference points for them. The following hands-on work can take many forms but always follows the same principles in bringing awareness to how you are in yourself:
1.  to focus on expanding ability versus correcting disfunction.

2.  to view any issue or function holistically.

3.  force is not necessary in creating new patterns of movement or less is more!

During the session the practitioner asks questions to facilitate an awareness of what you are currently doing. The practitioner then explores the alternatives that could work better for you. A session ends with a qualifying and quantifying of the often remarkable changes you are experiencing in order for you to have greater understanding as well as better access to them in future. There may also be a recap of concepts to ponder, and movements to work with, to continue your learning.

For a more thorough explanation of Functional Integration, please refer to the Feldenkrais Guild website:


$100/1.25hr session

Special offer for new clients to create a better working format and probability of success $500/6 sessions

Janet Willson providing a functional integrated hands-on Feldenkrais session at Uplift Studio in Vancouver, BC
Awareness Through Movement class at Uplift Feldenkrais Studio in Vancouver, BC

Awareness Through
Movement classes

In this class you will learn the skills you need to be able to accurately and precisely assess your habits of movement and get a direct experience of the benefits of making new choices. What you learn will improve your ability in, and enjoyment of your other classes, sports and activities.

Why should you care about your habits???

Habits are automatic and affect virtually every thought and movement without our conscious control. Consequently, it is almost impossible to improve your performance or shift out of chronic pain without changing your habitual actions. Yet the unconscious nature of our habits makes them difficult to be aware of and change. The novel movements and framework of the  ATM classes creates a context in which you can observe your habits and your way of learning in a way that is mindful and that also triggers the neuroplasticity of your brain. Once you become aware of your habits you can begin to explore more functional ways of being in yourself.

In the classes you are usually on a mat on the floor (some classes can be done in sitting or standing) following verbal instructions from the practitioner for movement sequences that are designed to teach a specific focus as well as the general fundamentals of attention, functional movement and the mind body connection. There are thousands of different lessons so the focus could vary from creating ease and range of movement of a body part like the shoulders, to a function like flexion, to facilitating a specific movement like rolling.

Janet brings more than 3 decades of experience with the Feldenkrais Method to  her teaching, highlighting the fundamentals in each lesson clearly and effectively and facilitating the process of engaging with yourself more deeply. She is interested in the whole range of human movement knowing that there is an inherent pleasure in moving well for everyone. Her fundamental belief in the joy of learning and growing infuses the classes with lightness, fun and camaraderie.


$90/6 class series

1/2 day workshop – $70
full day workshop – $100

when you know what you are doing,
you can do what you want.”
Moshe Feldenkrais